ENESHE’s working life : Dilemma of a young lawyer

Do you think lawyer is a cool job?




March 09, 2017

I was a bit disappointed this morning when I received a text from my junior/chambie. The way she texted me asked me to do few things is more like an order instead of a request. Just because I don’t mind about the status but it doesn’t mean that you may forget who you are. I still your senior and yes, in fact, I am a LAWYER. The task that I have given to you is for you to do. It’s your responsibility. Worst come to worst you may ask assistant from any of my secretaries to help on it if you are unable to finish it or not around but you also must do it in a very particular manner.

Juniors nowadays are very hard to handle. They’re not the type who can work from bottom to reach the top. They just want to be at the top without climb it from the bottom.

I hope I can be more patient in handling them.