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Distance traveled: 10, 058 km in 14 days.

Thank you, Norbert!


ENESHE’s working life : A day of a young lawyer

IMG_1874.JPGBeing a lady lawyer who is soft spoken is not easy in today’s world. People tends to look down on you. They will think that you do not know anything and can be easily challenged.

I gone through this kind of thing almost everyday. Only because my physical is quite petite and a ‘school-girl’ looked that i have. It’s somehow is a bonus to me because, when people underestimate me, but i  conducted the trial and hearing much much better than they expected, i bruised their ego down until they can’t even dare to raise their head to see me. Nevertheless, they are few senior lawyers will smile at me and give credits on what i did for my case. Yes, not all my opponent are bad. Most of the senior lawyers they are really good and supportive.

Sometime the client also is quite difficult to handle and they preferred the senior lawyer to conduct their case.  I don’t mind it at all, why? because i can sit and relax enjoying the show. doing the background works really satisfying me the most,

Despite all this thing, don’t ever forget about the judges. Judges are the one who will decide our case. Yes, so far after so many trials i have conducted, the judges are really goods towards me. Today, is not the first time i heard from my senior that the judge preferred me to conduct the case. Why? i don’t know. Perhaps i have a charm that comforting the judge to listen and follow the case that i presented.

Overall, i guess i’m doing good for my trial today but i need more experience for being sarcastically objected by my opponent.

It’s a good thing if the judge preferred you over your opponent counsel, but its a death trap if the judge preferred you over your senior counsel.

Being the star is always a bless. Happy litigating, peeps!

ENESHE’s book review – MENS REA by Fazrin Jamal

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In this novel authored by Fazrin Jamal vividly recreates the needs, hardship, and frontier in a dazzling work of legal thriller, a story that illuminates one courageous, resilient,  and smart little woman named Sarah as never before.

Fazrin Jamal in this novel brings the journey of Sarah at the age of 16 years old who have endured the difficulties of life since her parent’s divorced when she was kids and her mother re-marry to a monster.

This story started with a called to the emergency department when Sarah found the bodies of her dead mother and step-father and her sister, Aisyah went missing.

Sarah becomes the main suspect in the murder case of her mother and stepfather. The police believed that she has the bad intention towards her step-father since prior to the incident, Sarah had lodged a police report of being molested by her step-father but it was withdrawn, later.

During the remand period, her biological father heard the news and engaged a famous criminal lawyer to defend her.

While the investigation and trial of the cases go on, piece by piece of the incident discovered. She’s been molested and raped by her stepfather while her mother was not around. Her sister, Aisyah suffered from cancer and the chance of life is too low. Evidence discovered and lead to the motive for the murder was for revenge. Initial evidence leads the Court to conclude that Sarah’s mother being upset after she’s found the truth that Sarah has been raped by her husband. Later, she killed her husband and commit suicide.

When police discovered Sarah’s diary, they came to know that Sarah’s sister Aisyah which went missing after the incident, was also a rape victim. Things go on and the Court later believed that the murder was committed by Aisyah which still gone missing. Due to the evidence which was ambiguous and Aisyah was nowhere to be found, there Court decided that there is a doubt in the case and leads to Sarah’s acquittal.

At the end of the story, Sarah confessed to her lawyer that she’s the one who killed her step-father, her mother and her sister, Aisyah. That is why Aisyah could not be found.

The author wrote from the perspective of few main characters. The author used flashback time’s setting to give an overall view to the reader to understand what actually happens and why it happened. The author also brings so much effort to educate the readers on the law and the conduct and job scope of police, forensic, prosecution and lawyer in Malaysia.